History & Vision


Grand Pet Care Center works to be the most trusted and respected Pet Care facility in all of our community by administering the best possible medical and emotional care and giving outstanding customer service to every patient and every client.

Our staff includes licensed veterinarians, certified animal care specialists and helpful customer representatives.  

We are a general small animal practice, providing all types of Pet Services ranging from Dog/Cat Day Care, Pet Boarding, a Pet Shop, Pharmacy, Pet Insurance and of course our very own renown Pet Spa specializing in Grooming and Haircuts.


Grand Pet Care Center started as a one-vet general veterinary practice over 40 years ago, founded in 1971. Since opening their doors and hearts to the Pets of Orange County, Grand has gained the reputation as an elite Pet Service facility.

Over time our Hospital has treated the pets of celebrity’s John Wayne, Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, American musician Bradley Nowell from Sublime and many others.

History was made when Grand Pet Care was one of the first veterinarian hospitals in California to do reconstructive surgery on an animal. Doctors grafted a custom-made acrylic beak of a goose that had tragically been attacked and mauled by a coyote. The goose named Beep, survived the ordeal to live a healthy happy life.

Today, with the increased sophistication of equipment and diagnostic and surgical procedures available in veterinary medicine, Grand Pet Care Center continues to strive to be the very best and leading Pet Service facility in Southern California. 


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